Company profile

G–SNV, s.r.o. is a young but dynamic company.
That is why we are able to compete with engineering businesses that have been working in this region for years.
Experts from our team have been working in the area of engineering for a long time, which is why they are familiar with problems
that can occur in the production process. There are also young and promising workers in our team.

G–SNV, s.r.o.
offers the manufacturing of products according to your design drawings.
We also offer manufacturing of products according to Norm EN 1090-2 EXC2 (Steel Constructions and Manufacturer’s Competence).
Our company also holds a welding license. zakružovanie plechov

G-SNV, s.r.o. is an engineering business that was set up in May 2005.
The company produces especially constructional-technological equipment. With all our technological equipment
we are able to produce a broad range of machinery products.

The advantages of G-SNV, s.r.o. include:

– a team of well-qualified sales managers and technicians who are able to meet strict requirements
– an ability to provide whole industrial plants, including installation
– flexible production program
– superior quality and utility value of products
– welding certificate according to Norm IWE – SK 15012
– delivery by car, train or airplane z

Manufacturing programme:
– constructional-technological equipment for construction of tunnels
– ecological equipment
– technological and constructional steel structures
– automobile industry
– processing plants aquipment
– equipment for construction industry
– circling of sheets

Our company is looking to further broaden the range of our products and enhance our production possibilities.

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